Demolition Code Changes Take Effect April 20, BDS Confirms

Our predictions last week that the demolition code changes adopted by Portland City Council in February would take effect April 20 turned out to be correct, according to a Bureau of Development Services release today.

The changes have a number of ramifications, perhaps most immediately noticeably a mandatory 35-day delay period on all single-family home demolitions within residential zones as well as mailed notice to homeowners within 150 feet of the demolition site.

The city will hold a “lunch and learn” event about the code changes at noon on May 8 at 1900 SW 4th Ave. in room 2500A.

From the press release:

Effective Monday, April 20, 2015: All Residential Demolition Permits will require:

Mandatory 35-day delay prior to permit issuance, with a possible 60-day extension through an appeal process.

The City will mail a notice to all properties within 150 feet of the project site and to recognized organizations, Architectural Heritage Center and Restore Oregon at the beginning of the 35-day delay period.

Door hangers will be posted by property owner or representative on abutting homes at least 5 days prior to demolition.

New Certification Regarding Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint Form will be completed by the applicant and submitted to BDS prior to permit issuance”

For more information, read the full release on the bureau’s website.