The Portland Chronicle covers land use and development news in the city of Portland, Oregon.

In the past few years Portland has experienced unprecedented development which shows no sign of slowing. What began as major residential expansion in the South Waterfront and the Pearl District moved across the river as high-density apartment complexes started appearing all over the east side. From Williams Avenue to Division Street, construction began. Some longtime residents of neighborhoods that experienced quick growth became concerned about the trend and how it was reshaping their living places.

In a simultaneous trend demolitions of historic structures in Portland have also quickly increased. In 2014 roughly 288 single-family home demolitions occurred, which was scores higher than previous years. This trend was equally if not more alarming to neighborhood residents who saw not only increased density with lot partitions and zone changes but also a loss of Portland history.

Many of the demolitions came as a surprise to neighbors and continue to do so. Other neighbors are unaware of a planned high-density apartment complex until the fencing goes up.

That’s where the Portland Chronicle comes in. We believe that information is essential to addressing concerns over development and land use trends in Portland. Many news organizations report on overall trends or high-profile development cases. We focus on the everyday cases (after all, predictions state Portland will soon reach a demolition per day).

The Chronicle strives to provide information for concerned residents, neighborhood associations, planners, politicians and anyone else with an interest in development trends in the city of Portland.

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